Girly Girl?

lipstick121_mWhile normally I am somewhat of a tomboy; always wearing pants, never putting anything in my hair except the shampoo and conditioner, and stuff like that. However, there are times when I just want to be girly!

I wear mainly pants because some odd reason, I can’t simply find a skirt that suits my taste. Any color will do- except yellow. I don’t want to look like a canary past it’s prime. It must be extremely long… to my ankles?? It must flow in the wind. I think I have watched “Sarah Plain & Tall” too many times. You have to admit, though, those dresses could just work if given the right place and time. Oh, and if they were given a modern twist. I just had an “A ha!!” moment. So why don’t I put anything extra in my hair? It’s so dry and brittle. I’m in the process of finding hair products that will help. I’d like to give my hair some life. It needs reviving. Oh hair Gods, I bet of you to help! Okay… I’ve lost it.

I would love to put on makeup. There are just 2 problems, First, I have no clue what kind of makeup to buy that would look good on me. I have such even skin tones that I’d get too confused doing it on my own. I’m good with just lip gloss, lipstick, and mascara. At the same time, I would like to bring some color to this pale face of mine. At times it does (or I do) look like a zombie. Darn this translucent skin of mine!

So while I like to keep my legs covered and my face natural, it would be nice to step out in a skirt and a made-up face every now and then. HELP! Calling all make-up experts and fashionistas!!



6 responses to “Girly Girl?

  1. I wish I could help. I don’t even wear makeup or wear dresses! I prefer shorts. And my hair in a pony.

  2. I usually go online. I am sad to say before I had breast cancer I really didn’t wear much make-up. Then I attended a program called “Look Good Feel Better. It was a program to show people that did chemo and lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes how to apply make-up so we didn’t look sick. I finally learned how to apply make-up, at the age of 49. (Hangin head in shame) But you can find a lot of info on the internet. Here are a few websites that I used:

    Hope some of this helps. PS I like confettie dreams for your name, I don’t think you should change it 🙂

    Thank you for all of the links! Maybe now I can hide some of these blemishes I have!

  3. I’m not good at girly things, really.

    I’m a t-shirt and jeans/shorts kind of gal. Sometimes I do wear dresses. I’m no fashionista. I’m not good at hair and makeup. My hair is all one length….sometimes I get it layered, but I have no clue on how to style it.

    I wish I was more stylish though….I’d love to go on one of those makeover shows.

    Thankfully, my children are all boys! I don’t have to worry about doing hair or passing on girly wisdom. 😀

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  5. ~~ok-makeover time huh?—ok, we can do this and it could be fun. we’ll buy some different kinds of makeup and have fun and explore new looks. also hopefully, later this spring/summer we can get some really cute gauzy skirts/tops for you to wear. a new you along with whatever you want to do to hair-i promise really good shampoo/cond. sounds like fun!

  6. Lynn (Mama… hehe), I’m pretty sure she wants to keep it purple. Except this time, I think she is going to go for the whole head. That should be interesting!

    Shameless plug, but feel free to check out her twin- me!

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