Hey Reviewers, I have a question…

Okay, so it may be more than 1 question, but I am just curious! The reason I am about to ask these questions is because I also want to become a reviewer. So, here are my questions… feel free to ignore some- I tend to ask quite a bit.

Do the companies contact you or do you contact them?
Other than One2One Network and MyBlogSpark, are there any other websites to join that will help me in this endeavor?

I told you it would be more than 1. I’m guessing you probably thought it would be like, 10 or so? Well, I decided to keep it simple rather than ask them and get too annoying. So if you have any advice, please let me know!
Thank you for your time! Oh, and thanks for reading!



4 responses to “Hey Reviewers, I have a question…

  1. Contact Elance or eZine.

  2. I think once you start contacting more companies and doing reviews, other companies will see the reviews and contact you.

  3. Oh yea, feel free to check out http://blogfriendlypr.com/. Okay, I think I’ve commented enough. Love ya sissy!

  4. For sharing information, thank you for all the information you provide on the system. Please proceed to a more informed society.

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