Bang The Pots!

For those that don’t know, I have a twin sister. Hi sis! We share ALMOST the same exact thing- that includes cooking. If twins had a cooking show, would you watch?

Why did I ask that question? Well, I was entering a contest to win some cooking stuff.  To enter, you had to answer the question “If you were to have your own cooking show, what would you name it?” Automatically, Twin Cooking came to mind. I mean c’mon, would you watch a cooking show where we could possibly bicker? Or tell funny stories of us when we were younger? The main reason why so many cooking shows are popular are because of the personalities of the chefs. If you have a monotone voice and the personality of a broom, odds are you aren’t going to get very far. Again, because I get nauseous in front of crowds (even if it is on television), this would never happen, but you would have to imagine all the hilarity that would inevitably ensue during the show. One twin gets irritated at the other and throws some flour… or, one tells an embarrassing story about them and the other one rolls their eyes. When you have 2 women with a bright, outgoing personality, you know you’re in for something that will make you say “Oh what did I do now??”

Well, I’m certainly no producer, but you get the idea of what I’m saying, right? Hmm.. now I wonder if Sis would mind helping me with a little project now…

2 responses to “Bang The Pots!

  1. ~~I think it would be a really funny but good cooking show if you 2 had one. I can see it now……

  2. Hey, I like that idea!

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