An Ode To Moms

I looked at my calendar earlier and realized that Mothers Day is coming up on May 10th. As I sat there thinking, I decided to do a post strictly for Moms everywhere. This is dedicated to you, moms!!

I am blessed t have a very close relationship with my mom (I call her “Momma.”) She honestly has been there with me through every heart break, every pain I have experienced, and even helped me through my depression. She’s one of my heroes. Of course, I’m pretty sure my twin sister and I drive her nuts- but that’s normal for us. Plus, I think it’s written in the invisible Mother/Twins Handbook somewhere. Anywho, no matter how irritated our Momma gets at us, she loves us with ever fiber of her being. We know that she raised us so well that everything we succeed in will be her blood, sweat, and tears, and hard work. I’m proud to be her daughter. (crying yet??)

So what is a mother to me? A hero. Forgiving. Never judging. A kisser of owwies. A mender of broken hearts. Someone who laughs at all of your jokes. Someone who is patient. The kindest of hearts. A shoulder to cry/lean on. A best friend. A teacher. Someone who holds you when you are scared. Priceless. Beautiful.

So to all of you moms out there, you deserve the moon and the stars. I love you, Mom!


2 responses to “An Ode To Moms

  1. ~~Thank You My Sweetie-for that wonderful Ode To Moms. Made me cry-but also I am so glad and grateful that we have this wonderful relationship. May it last forever. This was a wonderful Mother’s Day present! Love Ya Always!!!!

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