Protect A Bed Review

A few weeks ago I had won a contest, and the prize was a Protect A Bed mattress cover and a pillow cover. The day I got it, that same night, it was already on my bed! So what exactly is Protect A Bed? Well, Protect A Bed protects your mattress from normal allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and even from pet hair/dander. They say it also helps from liquids, but frankly, I’m not one to try that at the moment. They have every size of mattress protectors on their website. Want to take a look? Here ya go!

So how does it feel? GREAT! WONDERFUL! It is so darn comfortable! It has the feel of soft carpet. Speaking of which, I would use the same fabric and make carpet for my whole house if I had the money. That’s exactly how comfortable it is. It does not have a plastic feel- because it isn’t plastic. Even my cats love it! Ever since we put it down 5 days ago, my cats have not left the bedroom except to eat, annoy the dog, or use the little kittie’s room. I know it defeats the purpose of the pet hair/dander thing, but telling a cat “No” is almost like arguing with a wall. They need their own bed made out of it… Maybe I’ll buy another pillow cover and stuff it with cotton and VOILA: their own cat bed! Before receiving this, I had no type of covers on my bed- except the one I cover up with at night. So now, it’s much more comfortable and looks really nice!

Now, onto the main reason why they sell them. Like I said before, it helps with allergens and stuff like that. Does it work? Heck yeah! My sister has major allergies. She suffers from them all day, every other day. When she lays on it for quite a while, you can tell that she has some relief. Even I am resting a lot easier- although I am an insomniac (insomniacs unite!). I am breathing a little easier, and that’s always a plus! During the day when I’m busy, I absolutely cannot wait to go to bed. When I do sleep (Yes, I sleep!) I can tell that I am waking up more energized than when I didn’t have the Protect-A-Bed. Now, all I have to do is find something to help my insomniac butt actually sleep more than 5 hours!

So, after reading my review, I bet you want to buy your own, huh? Well, visit their website (link at the beginning) and get your very own! I may have to buy a backup. You never know what could happen. They are machine washable, too! Go get yours and have a lovely nights sleep!


2 responses to “Protect A Bed Review

  1. ~~May have to invest in some of these esp. for backups…

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