The Easter Bunny Is Coming!!

So kiddos, have you been good? Just like Santa Claus, you have to behave in order to get goodies. Ya know? You can get candy (sugar overload alert!), toys (make sure to share…maybe) and even get to have an Easter egg hunt. Boy do I remember those! Actually, they would hide candy, and we’d have to go out looking for those. Of course, my sister and I would have to share our findings. That was before my relatives realized we were two separate people. Shopping for twins must be easy- get 2 of the same thing. That just irks me! We have different likes/dislikes! Buy individual gifts!

Sorry, I got off of the subject. Going right along with Easter… who loves dying eggs? Me! I do, too! Although I haven’t in a while, I simply love it. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. I love the colors that you can do. Pink. Blue. Red. Orange. They need to come out with egg tattoos. Remember those temporary tattoos we used to wear as kids? Kind of like those- just strictly for hard-boiled eggs after you’ve dyed them.

I have already eaten my Easter chocolate. It was chilling in the refrigerator (pun intended!) and I was hungry. I kind of feel bad though. My mom bought it for Easter and it’s a week away. I think that next year she should hide it behind the unsweetened tea. I’ll never find it there!

I know this is a week early, but from me to you…

P.S. Don’t forget the stuffed animals! They need a home!


One response to “The Easter Bunny Is Coming!!

  1. ~~really enjoy your blogs. i know growing up and being a twin wasn’t easy having to share stuff from relatives and all. maybe later down the road you can dye eggs-july 4th!

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