Organic Food=AWESOME!

I have been raised on processed foods as well as junk food. What can I say? It tastes wonderful! However, a few days ago I had the chance to try Bob’s Red Mill Muesli. I must say, it tasted great! It had oats, grain, dried dates (not humans- the fruit!), raisins and almond slivers in it. It could be used as oatmeal or cold cereal. Now, I had no milk and I was too lazy to heat up a cup of water- so I hate it out of the bag. Wowee! I had never been so addicted to something 100% organic. Of course, it was my sister’s bag, so I couldn’t exactly steal it from her. Anyways, I’ve never had dates before, and now, I love them! If they were so darn expensive I’d buy some… not that I would know how to cook/serve/eat them.
Seeing as I don’t live an organic lifestyle, I may have to incorporate a little more of it into how I live. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to still eat cottage cheese from the bowl bought at Wal-Mart and drink my Dr Pepper  (Gene Simmons from KISS makes Dr Pepper Cherry look cool!). I do, however, have to wonder how organic chocolate tastes. Is there such a thing?

So, if anyone has suggestions, my stomach is keeping an open mind! I now love organic food. Yippee!!!


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