I was watching “Masters Of Illusion” the other night on Fox. A question came to mind- How in the heck do those magicians bring birds to life using a hanky?? I want to know! I speculated that they store them in the sleeves of their jackets. My sister then brought up a good point “It would be very hard to navigate with them in there.” My theory had been shot down! I am racking my brain trying to figure this out! Someone help me!

I can remember sitting in front of the T.V. watching David Copperfield when I was younger. I was simply amazed and for a split second- I wanted to be a magician. Then I realized that I couldn’t even finish my homework, so there went my idea of making my ex-boyfriends disappear! While it was a novel idea at first, I ended up winning the coin toss with what road to take career-wise. Psychology it is! However, could you imagine a psychologist practicing magic tricks on their patient? Pick a card! If you can’t decide, you’re indecisive. Getting mad at the card? Bipolar. Scared the card is evil? Paranoid. Wonder if the card will bring good fortune? Stressed.


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