There’s a scent in the air…

A few weeks ago, I had won a room spray (courtesy of The Giving Essence- from the Katydid and Kid blog ( and I received the room spray today. It couldn’t have come at the perfect time! I’m still battling this darn flu! So what exactly happened?

Well, I get the box. I know what it is, but kind of forgot what kind it was. Well, if you go to the Giving Essence website and click on essential sprays, find “Breathe Deep.” The one with the Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint ingredients. That is the one I had gotten. If you’ve read the description, you know why I am ultra-excited about using this spray!

So far, I have sprayed it and it does help with the stuffy nose! I can somewhat breathe through both nostrils now (somewhat being the keyword here…) I didn’t know with just a few sprays I didn’t have to use my tissue every 5 minutes just to keep my nose clear. It hasn’t completely taken away the stuffy nose, but it does help!

They don’t just have sprays there at The Giving Essence. They also have dried herbs, oils, lip balms, essential sticks (still herbal!) and they are exceptionally cheap! A 1 ounce bottle of the sprays is only $10. You could try and find the same thing, but you won’t get a better price or a better mix of herbs. I plan on buying more when I can! So go ahead and visit The Giving Essence and find which one suits you and get it! You won’t be sorry!

By the way, from what I gather from what I can smell (even if it’s so little right now), it smells wonderful!!

One response to “There’s a scent in the air…

  1. That stuff smells excellent!

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