Creeper Creepington

You know, you never know where you’ll meet someone or the circumstances. However, I bet meeting someone at a library doesn’t seem… exciting- unless the initial conversation revolves around literature or the new Twilight book. Now, I have no problem striking up a conversation with a single guy. The problem is, if a guy has no dating skills, respect for women, or is pushy, that can be a huge huge turn-off for me. Do you really want to know the point I am trying to make? Be prepared to feel creeped out. I know I was!

A few days ago, my sister and I were at the library one morning. A few minutes later, this random guy started talking to my sister. I just thought he was friendly. Well, he then asked her how old I was and if I was seeing anyone. This seems harmless, I know. This guy then asked for my number. Something in me felt uncomfortable about giving it to him- so I didn’t. When she and I got up from our chairs, he wanted to talk to me. He’s 42. I’m 24. Age usually doesn’t matter. However, I felt completely uncomfortable with him. He asked me if I liked to french kiss (sometimes) and also if I like Italian food (as long as it’s not Olive Garden). He walked me and my sister to our car. He wanted to hold my hand. I hadn’t even known him for 5 minutes. As we got into the car, he put his hand on my thigh. I felt uneasy. He then tried to lean in for a kiss… a french kiss at that! He got air as I pulled back. He then tried again and got my cheek. I felt SO uncomfortable that when he left, I wanted to throw up. Thinking about it still upsets my stomach!!

When we left the library parking lot, I told my sister that if she hadn’t been there, he probably would have pushed himself on me even further.

Why do the psychos find me? This is another reason I hate being single. I now can’t trust many guys. Thank you Mr. Single-Psycho-Foot-Fetish loser.


2 responses to “Creeper Creepington

  1. experiencethebest

    The “psychos” are drawn to you because you’re thinking about them with so much energy that they are drawn to you. If you want to change this situation then stop worrying about rude, inconsiderate guys and start thinking about what you want in a guy. Decide what qualities you want him or them to have. Visualize this type of person coming into your life. See yourself with this type of person having fun together. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and only focus your thoughts on what you do want. If you do this consistently the “psychos” will leave your life and only guys you enjoy being with will be attracted to you. This all comes from the laws of life, “As you think so shall you experience.”
    So,have a great life. What is your alternative?

    Experience The Best

  2. ~~gosh honey i am so sorry that this happened. i know it was scary for u and probably too scared to tell me about it for fear i would not let you or a every go back by yourselves-and your are right. but also do like the above blog says and think of what u really want in a guy and hold that picture and thought with you-hang in there and hopefully never have to go back there again!!!!!

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