Shh… She’s Studying

Have you noticed that when someone is planning to attend college, they usually don’t study for the entrance exam for a year? Well, this one is! Why a year? I don’t like cramming- unless its chocolate- and that goes in my mouth! If I cram, I get more confused than if you spun me around 5 times and asked me to find a corner. Also, I would forget everything I had learned and would fail. That would be a HUGE disappointment!!

Usually, while I’m studying (a few hours every day- especially math), I usually have the T.V on. That’s probably a really bad idea. If a George Clooney (sexy!) movie comes on, I forget about the fractions in front of me. Music wouldn’t do me any good- simply because singing (even if it does sound like a cat in heat) while writing can get confusing. I would most likely start writing what I was singing ….it’s a cruel (cruel) summer…
Here goes to 8 more months of late nights and finger cramps!

My sister has decided also to attend college so she’s studying with me She has 2 prospect colleges. One of them would even be an hour from me at UT-Austin. She’s thinking of going to Sam Houston. Cool, huh? Sleepovers would be happening every other weekend. Woohoo! Party time!

Although we would be an hour away from each other (saves on gas), we’d still be close enough to reach each other in case of an emergency. You can’t keep twins far apart! We’re joined at the hip!

2 responses to “Shh… She’s Studying

  1. I am sure getting tired of Math- aren’t you?

  2. ~~keep up the good work–you can do it i know u can!!!!!

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