The hills are alive….

With the sound of music. Now, who here has seen the movie “The Sound of Music”? Most of us, right? Now, think about to near the middle of the movie. I’m guessing it’s the middle. Okay, now that you’re thinking about the huge middle-section of the movie, I have a dream I must tell you. It’s rather hilarious, and in fact, this is the reason why I bring up “The Sound Of Music.” First, let me set the scene of falling asleep and THEN I’ll go into the dream.

The other night, I was trying to sleep from a busy day. I spent the whole day cleaning…. even though I’ve had days before that I didn’t want to. It happened. I also had set a king-sized mattress and box spring on one of my toes. It hurt for a second. So, it’s around 10pm, and I was getting sleepy, so I decided to go to sleep (what else am I going to do? Play charades?)

As the night goes on, I enter REM state of sleep. This is where most dreams happen, I presume. And then I start to dream. For those of who do not know, I love metal music. I love Kamelot. They are a progressive metal band (google it!)  Refer back to my Mozart VS Kamelot post (http:// Anyways, my sister and I had gone to see them in concert. Well, the first song they played, and they had the puppets go to with it, was the song”The Lonely Goatherd”. Yes, the one with the yodeling. I woke up laughing so hard I thought I was going to throw up! It was the most funniest dream I have ever had. Now, I have a memory of it written down for all to see. Sorry dudes of Kamelot. I can’t see ya’ll yodeling!

One response to “The hills are alive….

  1. Your dream is quite marvellous!! Imagine Roy Khan yodeling!! LOL !!
    I love Kamelot too 😀

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