It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

You know, there are some days I don’t even want to roll over and get out of bed. Then, there are the days when I become a human vacuum. Of course, I don’t clean the whole house in one day; then nothing would get done. Except maybe a cleaner house. Anyways, as of lately, I’ve been on a cleaning binge. If it’s dirty, it gets swept up or thrown away. Maybe that’s where my winning lottery ticket went. DARN!! And since warmer weather is on the way (bring on the iced sweet tea!), cleaning is inevitable.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I decided to clean the bedroom one day. That, in fact, was a full days work. The floor is now clean enough to eat off of- although I really wouldn’t recommend it. Ick! Anyways, you’ll never guess what we found while cleaning. A lot of dust (sneeze alert!), 17 lighters (darn lighter gnomes stealing my lighters!) and 2 cats toys. I must say, I was very surprised that you could lose 17 lighters in one area in a small room. I guess that’s why they call it Spring Cleaning- you find crap you didn’t even know you lost. Plus, I came to the conclusion that I am a pack rat. Sad, but true. So, that day, I threw away anything I never used or didn’t need. I felt much cleaner and organized. Now I just wish the rest of the house would follow suit…. I think I need to clone myself.



One response to “It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

  1. You don’t need a clone- you have me! As far as what I hate about cleaning is the dust. You know me!

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