Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce Review

When I say “grilling,” what comes to mind? Yup! Yummy barbecue sauce! You know the kind where you could almost (almost being the keyword!) just drink it straight from the bottle? The kind where you just have to yell “YEEHAW!” every time you get a taste? Heck, I almost did. Yes, it tastes that good!

A weeks ago, I received 2 bottles in the mail yesterday from Country Bob’s for her to review. The first initial taste takes you aback for a second, but then it turns into a taste you can’t forget. I wish we had a lifetime supply!

I have to be honest; there’s nothing I dislike about this sauce at all! It’s all natural seasonings. The blend is really wonderful. It can seriously become addicting. There’s literally 0 fat (per the nutritional label) and it is almost like committing a sin because it tastes so good!

Oh right! I forgot to tell my experience with this superb barbecue sauce. Sorry guys, no pictures this time around. Onto the story…. We had some leftover lemon garlic chicken (store bought) and somehow, we needed to jazz it up. Da da da da! Country Bob’s to the rescue! There was no need to put the chicken on the grill. We heated it up in the microwave, shredded it up a little bit, then poured some (don’t overdo it!) sauce over it! It was phenomenal! It was much better than going to Texas Roadhouse and spending an arm, leg, and a foot to get the same thing. Actually, it’s better than Texas Roadhouse!

So for any barbecue sauce goodness, go to Country Bob’s, buy your own bottles and you will be amazed, excited, in Heaven… in… Okay, I’m done!

Country Bob’s is wonderful!


4 responses to “Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce Review

  1. I love Country Bob’s!

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  4. It is the best on burgers! Melt some butter (stick or from the bucket) in a saucepan on medium. Add Country Bob’s and let it simmer! (Add in Worstershire too if you want.)

    After you make your patties, spice them up with your favorite spices (I use salt, pepper, onion powder & garlic salt), pour the sauce over your burgers and let them marinate before throw’n them on the grill!

    YUM, YUM!

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