We Have Liftoff!

If you are going to buy an HP desktop computer soon, buy an extra power supply to go with it. They cost $50 and up at Best Buy. Now, why do I tell you this? It has been a week since I’ve had a computer on at home.  Today, my sister and I spent 3-4 hours putting in a new power supply. I believe my butt is officially numb. We bought the HP computer on February 5th. It stopped working on the 15th. True, we thought our old computer would work until we could get the new one fixed, but the video card went out on the 5 year old Gateway and our monitor wouldn’t work with it. Now, we knew we were screwed. So, the next day after buying a new monitor cable (to see if that was the problem), we bought the new power supply. Today, we had the chance to put it together. We only took one break during those few hours.

At the end, we closed the case and plugged it up. I was afraid of pressing the “On” button because I had no idea if we had hooked it up right. When I saw the blue light turn on, I let out a sigh of relief- and maybe a shrill of excitement. I think I scared my cat during that excitement. Oh well.

So, what is your surprise now that I have a working computer? I will be holding a giveaway in 2 days. It will be only for the US (sorry guys!), but it will be something that everyone is raving about.  Woohoo! Who’s excited about it? I am! It will be my first giveaway and I hope (and pray) that it will run smoothly. On Tuesday (I’m resting on Sunday and Monday), I will put the post up for you to begin. So, have fun!

2 responses to “We Have Liftoff!

  1. Thank goodness! I missed this computer!

  2. Oh and to answer your question- Smokie! I think it would be so cool!

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