Will This Roller Coaster Ever End?

I do have to make this post short- as I am at the public library on their computer. I have more bad news regarding our computer. Well, it’s mainly the monitor now. We have reasons to believe that our cable for the monitor has shorted out of is messed up in some way. Just perfect… Fantastic! Don’t worry my fellow blog readers (if indeed I have any left!), we will be back up and running soon, I promise!

By the way, my studying, which I haven’t updated in a while is going great. I try to do a little bit each day. Of course, there are times when I get distracted (oooh! A sexy guy!) and forget about it that day. It´s just natural, right? RIGHT??

Anyways, I am off to Best Buy to see if I can somehow correct this rollercoaster that´s gotten off of it´s track! It´s only uphill from here!

Since I have a limited time today, there won´t be a QOTD. However, in the day or so (i´m thinking maybe the next 2 days) you will have your surprise!!

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