Back To The Past- The Computer Saga Continues

As I have posted before, our new computer died Sunday morning- when I got up at 630. We went to the library that same afternoon to print out instructions how to help get our power back. None of what we did helped. We were so upset that we had just spent $773 on a new computer that has now become our paperweight. So, today we take it to Best Buy for the GeekSquad to help us. They wouldn’t. They just turned us away (and it’s a long drawn-out story). So, now we still have the paperweight. We have come to realize that, and this is by our own experience, that we have to replace the power supply. Great. We use the computer for 2 weeks and we have to replace the thing that makes it actually work. I have to advise you guys on HP computers- which is the new computer. Make sure you check the power supply often, or replace it as soon as you buy the computer. We had the HP computer for only 2 weeks and the power supply has gone out.

For now, until we can get the power supply on the new computer replaced, we will be using the 5 year old dinosaur computer. It’s our trusty friend, and without it, we would be losing our minds. I am liking the dinosaur more and more each day!

Now for a regular update on my life (like it isn’t boring enough, huh?) I am losing sleep like the stock market loses points! Every time I lay down to sleep, I don’t. When I do sleep, it’s only for 2 or 3 hours. I’m starting to think that sleeping is overrated anyways. 🙂

By the way, sometime this week or next, come back. I’ll have a surprise for you!


One response to “Back To The Past- The Computer Saga Continues

  1. I hate Best Buy. Enough Said. I hate computers. Hell, I hate technology.

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