QOTD: Question Of The Day

To break the monotony of just posting random entries, I have decided that at the end of the post, there will be a random question for you to answer. You will never know what question I will post. I just though that since it can seem kind of boring to read posts of really nothing life-shattering going on at the moment, I thought I would make you use your brain just a bit. You can also find more QOTD by following me on Twitter (just click the button at the bottom.) Is that okay? Cool! Right on!

Now, since today IS Valentine’s Day, I must share the story of me and my sister. Well, our gifts, at least. This morning when everyone was congregating into the living room, we decided to exchange gifts. It was finally me and my sister’s turn. Earlier in the week, I was jokingly saying “What if we got each other the same thing?” I really should have kept my mouth shut. When it came my turn to pull the gift out of the bag, I looked at it. The first words that came out of my mouth were “Uh oh.” Why? She had gotten me the exact same thing I had gotten her. We had each gotten each other a white ape/gorilla stuffed animal holding a rose! Then again, we are twins and we do know each other like we know the back of our hands. However, I LOVE my gorilla/ape (whichever it is).  i’m just glad we didn’t get each other the same card!

QOTD: If you could rule any country, what country would you rule and why?


4 responses to “QOTD: Question Of The Day

  1. I am Italian, so I would give Italy a try! I love Italy! It would be quite the experience! Happy Valentines Day! The gift sound cute!

  2. ~~that was really funny about u both getting each other the same stuffed animal! and it is so cute…abut being ruler of a country—i’m not sure-will get back to u on that…hmmmmm…

  3. That was freakin HILARIOUS! Too too funny…

    If I could rule any country… My guess would be Scotland! They could use a little Texas twang!

  4. I’d say Italy. I’m half italian and it’s such a beautiful country with amazing food. :0)

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