I Now Have A Twitter Button

If you noticed (or if you didn’t… It’s okay!), when you scroll down past my button, you see a “Follow me on twitter” button. Thanks to my sis-who I got the idea from- you no longer have to search for the post. This makes it easier, doesn’t it? So now  you can follow me on Twitter. Tweet tweet!

It’s Friday night- the 13th nonetheless, and I have nothing planned. Is this normal? I have to say, though, most people think that because it’s Friday the 13th, spooky things will happen. Personally, I’m not supersitious. If a black cat crosses my path, I know I’ll have to feed it along with the other outside kitties. I step under a ladder? I sure hope no paint drop on my head! Step on a crack? AAH! THERE’S AN ANT ON MY FOOT! Ant stings hurt. No, I am not poking fun at people’s fears. That would be horribly unsensitive of me.

I seem to be rambling. I’m sorry! I’ve had tons of chocolate and caffeine- with very little real food. I’m starting to think that maybe I should eat something….. The kitchen is calling my name!


One response to “I Now Have A Twitter Button

  1. I’m glad to be “tweeting” my sissy! About time ya got one! LOL Yea and we’re gonna get more chocolate- I think I am officially addicted to it now!

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