Let there be light…. and thunder!

Normally, storms do not scare me. They are actually quite soothing. The rumbling of the thunder sounds like the beating of a drum. The pitter patter of the rain hitting the back of the air conditioner lulls you to sleep. A light breeze outside is calming you. That’s what storms are made of. Well, in dream land at least.

Now, add a little humidity and a rise in pressure, what do you have? The makings of something that will scare you worse than your grandmother talking to you about sex. That’s right. The “T” word. Tornadoes. They are really scary. Believe me, I’ve been through one. When you sense a tornado is about to, well, be created, everything in your body is pressurized. It almost feels like you’re going to explode. But you don’t. That would be a messy clean-up.

What was I talking about again? Oh, right. Storms. Tonight’s storms (Oklahoma and Texas) just proved what Mother Nature can really do. We had one blow through here about an hour and a half ago. When I say blow through here, I truly mean it. As soon as it hit my city, the wind was incredible. It howled through the entire house. It was scary. We grabbed Zeus and the 3 cats just in case anything should happen. I’m pretty sure every animal except Smokie was scared. Smokie has been through storms and a tornado. She knows the routine like she knows her…. paw. I was going to say “butt” but I thought that would be crossing the line just a bit.

Once the winds and storm had settled down, the household returned back to normal. The cats went off in their own direction- mainly making a beeline for the bedroom. The humans went back into their bedrooms and fell asleep. The dog is making himself comfy on the couch. After all of that excitement, who has the energy to do anything? Soft, warm and King-sized bed, here I come!

4 responses to “Let there be light…. and thunder!

  1. yep, was pretty scary for awhile last nite wasn’t it? gonna make up a list of things to have done so we are better prepared next time-box for cats, etc,–so we are ready for Mother Nature!
    Rest well and get well soon!!!

  2. Grandma talking to me about sex? I’ll pass!

    I think Smokie was thinking “this is just another drill”. She hardly did anything! But the dog was going crazy.

    That was creepy.

  3. Great post! Funny, and I could really feel the storm. I’ve been through a tornado too, so I know what you mean about that “pressurized” feeling.

    Keep writing!

  4. Sounds really scary! Never having experienced anything worse than a thunderstorn – which scare me s—-less! I can’t imagine a tornado. I would need to dig me a hole to hide in!

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