It’s official: I hate Mother Nature at times. I either have the cold itself or the on set of a cold. I started feeling bad yesterday, but still had the energy to do the things I needed. Fast forward to this morning. I woke up feeling like well… crap. I also had a stuffy nose and was coughing quite a bit. I had been going nonstop since Thursday. Every day was something busy and no down-time at all- except at night. Now that things have finally calmed down just a tiny bit, I can finally catch up on my rest and get over this doggone cold.

I have to say that I barely get sick with a cold or the flu. When I do, it hits hard and can last quite a while. I really hope this cold is just because I haven’t been able to rest and relax. The funny thing is that my twin sister also isn’t feeling well. I guess when you have siblings, you give everything of yours to them- and that includes the sniffles. Sorry about that senorita!


One response to “Cough.Cough.Blow.Cough.

  1. ~~hope u get to feeling better really soon. take ur meds and rest and relax. dr mom will help take care of u if u want. it’s strange how u both are feeling bad at the same time…..

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