Shopping Spree! Woohoo!

What woman doesn’t love to shop? Raise your hand if you could shop all day??? I see many hands out there! Well, my sister and I had that chance today. We actually had a $25 Target gift card. However, we were given a little more money (THANKS MOM!) to spend. All in all, we had $45. Now, keep in mind that Target is a little more expensive than Wal-Mart, but it was fun.

We first went to the card section. I can’t say what for, but we found a card that is perfect! It’s actually hilarious. Then, we decided to walk around for a while to find something to look at. Do you know that bedsheets are much cheaper at Wal-Mart? Keep in mind, we needed sheets for a king sized bed. We looked and looked. Prices were way too high for bedsheets. There went that idea. Thanks, Target.

Next came the pillows. We could all use some new pillows every once in a while, right? Pillows can become flat and just plain uncomfortable. Now, their pillows aren’t expensive at all! I was literally shocked! We got 3 pillows at $2.79 each. You can NOT get any cheaper than that. The pillows make you feel like you are sleeping on air. I have taken a nap this evening and I got the best sleep I have in such a very long time. So, here’s some words of advice: Change your pillows once they are becoming flat. You will sleep a lot better.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up this coming up this Saturday. Have you gotten your gifts yet? Of course, if you are the type of person who buys gifts for this ostentatious day. I usually aren’t, but this year, it calls for it. So, Mom and Sis, expect a little something on Valentine’s Day. Of course, there has to be candy. I got candy today, too. They are the Conversation Hearts candy. Seeing as I haven’t had those in years, it only seemed fitting.

How many of us just throw our dirty clothes on the floor? I am one of those. I really don’t have a hamper in the bedroom. So where does it all go? That’s right. The floor. Often times, I will put them in the bathroom hamper, but with my energy, sometimes it doesn’t work out. I now have a brand new hamper in the bedroom where I can throw all of my dirty and stinky clothes in. Now I can feel like a normal human being with dirty clothes.

We ended up buying a few more sugary items (mainly ice cream and some cupcakes). We ended up spending $32. I would say that was a successful shopping trip!

2 responses to “Shopping Spree! Woohoo!

  1. ~~Sounds like you and Sis had a good time shopping. We’ll have to look at WM for some bedsheets and stuff for your bedroom after it all settles down. Hope your chest congestion goes away….and you feel better soon. TTFN

  2. That was fun! Too bad it wasn’t Wal-Mart, we could have spent longer in there and gotten more stuff- but I wouldn’t trade my pillow or ice cream for anything!

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