Purple hair and computers

Every once in a while, people feel like they need a change. Either it be by their lifestyle or just changing their looks in a small way. I have done just that! I once had black/dark brown hair. Well, now I have black and purple hair. It’s really really cool. Sadly, I have no pictures to show you yet, and I will tell you why in a second.

Thursday evening, my mom, sister and I decided to go Best Buy to see what other computers they had since the one we originally wanted  had gone up- price wise. It did not take us long to find a good computer that would suit us. The original one was a Gateway. Our old computer was a Gateway. I was hoping we wouldn’t pick another Gateway (Darn repetitive use of “Gateway”) So, we picked one out that had more memory and would suit our needs. We are now the proud owners (and users!) of an HP computer- with Vista. The computer [tower] only cost us $772. That was a great deal!

Now, I am completely new to Vista. I had been using XP for 5 years. Using Vista isn’t hard, but I have NO idea how to upload pictures (from a digital camera) onto the computer. Then again, I’ve only had the computer on for half of a day, so I still have a lot of learning to do. The good thing about having a shiny new computer? It actually works!! You don’t have to worry about it turning off and never turning back on again. Yes, our old computer (may it rest in computer Heaven) did just that. It also did some weird things, but let’s not talk about those. I’d rather talk about this lovely HP sitting right next to me.

So if any of you out there have Vista and know what to do, let me know! I am at a total loss and frankly, I need to tell my hair-dying story. I have pictures from when I was waiting for the bleach to set in. I have pictures of when I had the actual dye in my head (and on my face), and then the end result when I had washed my hair out and it had dried.

I do have to thank my sister for helping me out. She did everything from put the bleach in (STUPID BLEACH!) and then the hair dye. Without her, I would have been a big purple mess. I probably would have looked more like Barney, the dinosaur. She did a wonderful job. She’s been helping me dye my hair (different colors) for years! She helped me when when I wanted do dye my hair red, and then the next year, blue. You guessed it right, there is a pattern. I am constantly changing my hair color.  I have no reason for doing it except that it makes me feel better about myself. That’s a good thing right?


4 responses to “Purple hair and computers

  1. I love the new computer. It’s so fast, easy, and great to have! I wouldn’t trade it for any computer in the world. Yes, it will be like losing an old friend when we finally put the old one in the dump, but gotta change- like hair color! I can’t believe how purple it is! Atleast the dye is off your face but still on my hands. Next time, I’m wearing plastic clothes.

  2. Oh and you need to use the Pages widget because they’re not showing.

  3. Nevermind, I’ll do it. Might miss out on bloggy wins.

  4. ~~i’m so glad u guys are happy with the computer!!!!!

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