What a day!!

I have to admit- I really didn’t do much today. In fact, I was more babysitting the dog. He decided that since he had energy, he would limp as fast as he could from room to room. It’s almost like chasing a toddler. He overdid it and now he’s hot and kind of dehydrated. Don’t worry, though. We are giving him plenty of fluids and spraying him down with water. Tomorrow morning, he will be as good as new. Believe me, I know how he feels. When I broke my ankle in the 7th grade, I wanted to get up and run around. I’m 24 now, so you do the math!

For those that have no idea, I am a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan. I love everything he does. I have a secret I must tell you… and I sincerely hope my metal friends won’t keep this against me. I sadly do not know all of the lyrics to his song “Trap Door.” I had to look them up last night. I did it for at least 30 minutes and I still can’t get it down. I know, it’s sad.

By the way, want to see one of our kitties? I took it earlier today and I thought it was a good shot! Now introducing the first cat ever in the house… SMOKIE!
Isn’t she pretty?? Well, you can’t quite tell, but she actually is a stunning cat. We’ve had her since ’03 and they say cats have 9 lives? This one has used up every bit of those. We think she may have 100. She’s lived through everything- including getting Zeus!

Tomorrow is early to rise and late to bed… maybe not. We’ll have to see. I know it will be an early rise, just not before the sun. The last time I did that, I slept right until almost 1pm. I did get the full 8-hours they recommend you do…. then I still felt tired.

I’m just rambling now! By the way, Jenny, I will do the button thing tomorrow. I will let you know it goes! Thank you for everything you’re doing!!


One response to “What a day!!

  1. Wait until Zeus gets better! We won’t be able to catch him at all!

    Aww, my precious Smokie… that’s an awesome picture of her sissy! But yea, she has 100 lives. I mean, c’mon! What hasn’t she lived through?

    Ozzy Ozzy. I still pride myself knowing we converted Mom to like The Prince of Darkness!

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