SuperBowl 43

Welcome to Superbowl Sunday! This years Superbowl is against the Arizona Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s time for the beer and soda to flow like the river. Nachos, wings, and sandwiches to be eaten all through out the game. This is America’s favorite pastime! It happens every year, yes, but it helps us take a mini-vacation just by staring at the TV. Who can forget those commercials? They are just…. AWESOME!

So what is on your menu for this Superbowl? My family and I usually don’t plan a huge party, so we’re just having a few things- which, in fact, does include a few non-traditional items. We’ve got stuffing, chips, dip and polish sausage. Yes, I said it- polish sausage. I have also said stuffing. I actually do love stuffing, even by itself. I can have a Thanksgiving side-dish all year round. Woohoo!!

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I’ve had it for a while, but just updated everything a few moments ago. I can’t wait to fully get into it! Since almost everyone in blog-world has one, I decided to jump in the pool, too.

So, who will win Superbowl XLIII?? No one knows, but it should be a great game!

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