My Poor Zeus

My dog, Zeus, was badly hurt this afternoon. Because I don’t want to start crying again, I will spare you the details on how this happened. I will tell you he was hit by a car and we thought that was the end of him. He’s not even a year old yet. The whole family cried for almost 4 hours straight. He is loved so much! About 15 years ago, a dog of ours had gotten run over (what the heck is with the pattern?!?) and she died instantly. We know how it goes. So, when we saw Zeus get hit, we didn’t know what to do. So far, he is still alive and actually wants to get up and move. He also wags his tail. The next 24 hours will be the hardest for him. We’ll be able to see if he makes it or not. I am hoping against everything that he does.

I wish I could swap places with him!

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