Between Me and You Sister Journal… I WANT!

While I was entering a giveaway to try to win a journal, I went to the website where they had them…

Their journals are the kind of journals where you actually don’t use it as a regular journal, you write questions to the person they are intended for. They have almost every kind of family journal you can imagine- mom, dad, sister, brother, girl, grandma, etc. Well, I found the sister journal. I want that one so badly! When I leave for college to get my masters degree, and I want to ask my sister all kinds of questions, I want to write it and send her the book. Then, she would reply (and/or ask me questions) and send it back. This would be a great momento to keep for years to come. By the way, here’s the link to the sister journal:

Perhaps one day I willl actually get one. For now, I will have to come up with my own!!


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