My brain has been officially fried!

They say, when you study, make sure you take breaks. In my case, those breaks just turn me into a procrastinator. These past few days I have been studying for hours on end. I could start studying at 8pm and not finish until 3 or 4 hours later- with no breaks (except restroom breaks, but that was a given.) I do have to say that I am finally grasping mathematical problems better than I did in high school. I think with high school, I had so many distractions that I simply could not concentrate. College, here I come!

By the way, I have some what of an update on my so-called love life. It’s not really a love life, but more of a love life in the making. I have 2 guys I am scoping out. However, I know that it will never work out with one of the guys. It’s a long story and I am coming to grips with it. I can just dream from far away.

This other guy I like is basically a 10 in my book. He’s smart, funny, kind and generous. He is also respectful- which is one main thing I am looking for. I am kind of scared to jump into a relationship with someone. Everyone, I am sure, gets scared of being rejected. That’s me. I think that if I just jump into the lake with my eyes closed, I can overcome this fear. It will take baby steps, but it can be done!

One last thing before I end my rambling…. oh wait, nevermind. I just lost my train of thought!


One response to “My brain has been officially fried!

  1. I know who those 2 guys are!

    I don’t know what to say about D because, well, I’m not in your position. I know you’re scared about jumping into a relationship with the other one. Talk to him about it. See if he feels the same.

    Love ya!

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