Where the heck is that?!

You know, I hate technology at time. As much as it is needed in our society today, sometimes I beg to differ. Case in point- video playing iPods…

We all know I have an iPod, and well, I have always wanted videos on it, but didn’t know how to do it. I thought it was going to be a simple operation. Get the videos and sync (put it on) the iPod. Simple operation my butt! Getting the videos on this thing was like asking a horse where the zoo was- you weren’t going to get a straight answer until you got on it.

As it is near midnight, I have spent 3 or 4 of those hours trying to get 5 videos on this stinking iPod. The help section didn’t well… help! It would tell you where to look and not where to find that place. I finally got it… after I did it on my OWN! I missed a video, and now I have to do it all over again. It took me so many hours to finally get it right. Oh yay! Another few hours of cussing at the help section while I tear my hair out wondering why I can’t iTunes to cooperate with a human! Oh that’s right… it’s technology!

Like I have said, I have mastered a fax machine. Now, I have mastered this stinking iPod. I don’t even want to look at it now. It stressed me out and I missed out on studying because of it. I must say, though, the videos are just perfect… somewhat. The band members of Piranah look like stick figures with huge heads running around with long beards. ZZ Top would be proud!


3 responses to “Where the heck is that?!

  1. ~~I’m sorry –I had to laugh as you recounted your trials and tribulations with the infamous ipod–sorry. You know technology, the more you have the more it drives you crazy. But I know you-in a few days you will have it down to a heartbeat and no problemo. Keep the faith as they say– and hang in there– and don’t give up. It will work itself out as it always does. Technology can be a b—-/but we need it in this day and age or will go back to the ways of the caveman. And I know the ipod/computer and such are yours and Texas Banter’s lifeline right now. Love You As Always–Lynne aka Your Mom

  2. Ahhh gotta love technology! Well, in some cases, I prefer not to.

  3. Ok, told ya I’d make it longer.

    I hate IPods sometime. Ugh, the amount of time it takes to put videos on it… then trying sync it… Why can’t technology be easier? Isn’t that why it’s called “technology”?

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