A Dream I’ll Always Remember

I had the best dream this morning that I may never forget. Ready for the dream? I thought you were. Start the dream wave sequence.

I was in school (I know where that came from) and I was misbehaving. The teacher told me to go wait outside until I calmed down. So, I decided that just waiting wasn’t going to cut it. I ended up falling asleep. As I am curled up on the bench, I hear someone call my name. I at first I was having a dream and it was really nothing to it. Well, this person bends down and kisses my forehead. Well, that does get me up. As soon as I open my eyes, I see Mr. George Strait standing in front of me, smiling. Being a huge, huge, huge George Strait fan, I get up and scream. Then I hug him.

The dream kind of fizzled after that. I will say this, I did nothing to effectuate (produce) the dream of George. I didn’t listen to any of his songs before going to sleep. I didn’t watch any of his videos.

For one brief moment, I got to meet the man I admire and love so much. Will it ever happen in real life? I doubt it. However, now that I have actually taken the time to write it down, It will be engraved into my head for a good, long time.

2 responses to “A Dream I’ll Always Remember

  1. ~~don’t just love it when you have those kind of dreams and have no clue where they came from? our subconscious just playing around with our hopes and dreams i guess. but meeting george strait would be such a huge thing to happen to you-and maybe someday it will come true. and hang on to these kind of dreams-they keep us keeping on when we feel like giving up…..peace out

  2. I know you will meet him one day… just as I dream to meet Chris Cagle!

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