Mozart Versus Kamelot

Normally, the classical music  (such as Mozart and Bach) calms down humans and animals. With me, that is the case. My dog, however, really prefers the progressive metal band, Kamelot. Really, he does! While  listening to my iPod and on the computer, he jumps on my arm. To deter him from trying to eat my arm, I put my headphones onto his head. He stood still for at least 1 minute just listening. I thought I was onto something. Next time he came up, I put Mozart on and the headphones on his head. That was a no go. I came up with the conclusion that the dog is a bigger metal head than I am- bypassing the music that came before it.

By the way, I think I have finally mastered using a fax machine! I know it’s nothing extravagant, but I don’t use one that often, and usually, I would acquire my sister’s help. She’s used them more than I have! Now, today, I’ve mastered and conquered it. I wonder what else I can finally master…. *insert evil laugh here*

By the way, powdered donuts make an excellent dessert after lunch!


2 responses to “Mozart Versus Kamelot

  1. ~~knowing zeus like we do being metal head dog just makes sense. when in the early stages of puppy hood i tried john tesh to see if that would work-helped me but not him-so evidentally i was playing the wrong music. –congrats on mastering the fax machine-hopefully sometime this year-if your father will cooperate and quit messing everything up-we can get one. –who knows what you will master next-and will try to get more powdered donuts for you guys soon.—hang in there-sorry about the fax not getting where it needed to be and giving you bad news…..

  2. Sad thing he doesn’t like Ozzy.

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