Where’s the respect?

When you’re single, you expect to meet guys you might actually consider. Well, maybe in a perfect world. Otherwise, here in reality, you meet some guys who believe or think you should be perfect to suit them. These are the type of men you should avoid. If they don’t like something in you, tell them, nicely of course (or not…), to go sit on a stick. They cannot and willnot change you for who you are.
Okay you guys, while some of you are extremely respectful towards women, and I applaud you; some of you need a little lesson. There’s a few do’s and don’t of trying to find your mate.

DO NOT tell her that she needs to quit her job just so she can get health insurance.  She will change her mind on her own accord.

DO NOT tell her that you want to pork her within 5 minutes of meeting her. You might just lose her.

DO be honest with her. If you lie to her, and she finds out, you can say bye-bye to that one, too.

DO treat her with respect. That’s a big plus for us women.

Last but certainly not least, if she tells you to leave her alone, do so. Don’t continue to try to find her when she doesn’t want to talk to you. That can lead to a restraining order- and who wants that??

Being single bites, and finding the right one bites even harder than an alligator (bad analogy alert!)

But all in all, I think most of you men get it. Hooray for the last of a dying breed!

2 responses to “Where’s the respect?

  1. `hang in there. i know there aren’t too many good ones left. but stick to your guns and what u believe and DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!!! maybe eventually these guys will get it-some will anyway. –love ya, lynn

  2. UNfortunately, that is the truth. We can accept the fact that asshole men live out in this big scary world or hide from them. I prefer to hide.

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