When the weather outside is frightful…

It’s cold outside- as if that’s anything new… it’s winter! However, for some reason, there are days when it’s extremely cold, I feel like cooking- like today. Today for lunch, my sister and I made spaghetti and beef stroganof. We’re having the leftovers for supper tonight. Yay for cold spaghetti- which actually tastes good.

I haven’t been studying like I should be. The stress of daily life has put a hold on the studying. I’m sure that once things get back to normal, I’ll get back on the saddle and start hitting the books pretty hard. That is, if my face doesn’t hit the inside of the book from getting so tired. It has happened before; it will happen again.

One last thing before I run off into LaLa land, if you are looking for a new author, check out Charlie Huston. He’s a unique writer-fairly new- and his books are quite addicting. Read Caught Stealing before you read any other books. Caught Stealing is the first book in the Henry Thompson series!


2 responses to “When the weather outside is frightful…

  1. ~~love your new background-really cool-it suits you-but i also liked the other one also-so either way-either one is really cool. maybe i need to read some of your books after you finish reading them so i can check out your new find on authors. so hard nowadays to find good ones~~don’t let this crap around here keep you from studying and starting your new future. it will always be here and we have to find a way around it.–darn, no floaties still… sorry about being so moody lately–need beer badly~~and you and sis are really great chefs. can’t wait to get the kitchen in shape for u 2 to really start making some great meals. enjoy your soda and chocolate!!!

  2. And I need a cigarette.

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