And where do I begin?

I love to write. Well, sort of. 2 years ago I started writing in a journal. Why? Think about it. Something may upset you. Something may be bothering you and you just need to get it out. Writing down those emotions/feelings on paper relieves any stress you may be feeling. As I re-read over my entries in the old journal, they could literally be a script for a Soap Opera. Or a Jerry Springer episode. JERRY! JERRY!! JERRY!!!

Oh great, I lost my train of thought. What do I do to keep your attention now? Uh… OH GREAT READERS! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS SENTENCE. YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY. VERY SLEEPY INDEED. Yes I realize that it is in the morning and everyone is sleepy to begin with, but….

So why did I come up with Confetti Dreams? I am colorful (personality-wise) and I want you guys to follow me as I go through life as a single psychology student. Hey, who knows? It could be turned into a book! Ok. Maybe not. Sorry about that!

Today’s entry is over. It’s all over the place and I understand fully- but now you get to know a part of my personality. The next entry, I promise, will be more coherent. You all deserve it!



One response to “And where do I begin?

  1. ~~I just love the title “Confetti Dreams”–that is a very creative name. I can’t wait to read what you write and promise to reply to them. I just finished going back and replying to Texas Banter’s blogs-I had needed to catch up. So good luck and who knows a book could be in the future for you and Texas Banter…A book on your blogs and being twins would be unique and I think would do very well..hmm….

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